Originally, the company was supposed to be called “Saykana.” After discovering it was only 1 letter away from the Japanese word for fish, it felt like destiny.


Sakana’s main goal is to promote a culture that cares for the Ocean. Surfers, anglers, divers or tourists; we are all connected to the Ocean in some way.  Whether it’s telling a jerk to release an under-slot Snook, or picking up litter, every contribution accumulates.When you wear Sakana gear, you’re representing a greater family who cares about the place we love. Don’t let the team down– Team Sakana

Charity and Volunteering

4/13/2013 USF Relay For Life

9/21/2013 26th Annual Hillsborough River & Coastal Cleanup

11/2/2013 First Annual Bay Cleanup! Gandy Bridge 350lb+

5/24/2014 Second Annual Gandy Clean up 150lb+

10/28/2014 First Dunedin causeway clean up 50lb+

4/18/2015 Third Annual Gandy Cleanup 70lb+

11/27/2015 Sigma Nu and Sakana Clean up 150lb+

4/23/2016 Second Annual Dunedin Causeway Cleanup 70lb+

8/24/2016 Fourth Annual Gandy Cleanup 50lb+

8/28/2017 $1000 Oceana Donation

4/19/ 2018 Sigma Nu and Sakana Second Clean Up 80lb+








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